Low-Cost House Construction Methods in Kerala

Low cost house construction

Low-Cost House Construction Methods in Kerala

In this blog, we will be giving out information on the best low cost house construction methods in Kerala. Those methods are:

Low-Cost House Construction Methods

Method 1: First you will need to set a plan. With the help of skilled engineers from kepha construction, you need to plan your house construction. You can also include your interior design into it. Discuss the plan with your close one then start the work.

Method 2: When you go for choosing a plot in Kerala, try taking it in the suburb area like Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram. If you buy a plot in a city which is still developing, then the price of the plot will come under your budget.

Method 3: Try choosing a reputed, trustworthy and experienced contractor. As they also possess a lot of knowledge on house construction, they could guide you with their strong resources.

Method 4: The next step is to find a reputed supplier, and for that Kepha Constructions is at your service. We provide high quality construction material, for your low budget home construction. We will also provide some credit after every purchase you make.

Method 5: When you need to buy various accessories like electric wires, switchboards, glass panels, bathroom, and kitchen fittings, you can trust Kepha Construction as we provide all those accessories in our construction packages. We provide all kinds of flooring solutions, sanitary fitting solutions, and electrical wire solutions.

Method 6: Suppose you have a family of 3 members. A house with two or three rooms is enough for you, and if any guest shows up, you can also keep an additional room, but don’t think about having excessive rooms. As you will be charged with a big maintenance cost. So while planning, which is the first method, try to chal out the number of rooms you want. We suggest you keep the number of rooms equal with the number of family members.

Method 7: While trying to keep your house construction under your budget, you could try implementing strong collapsible gates and grills on the outside to get security, and on the inside you could use a little low quality wood to make room doors and window panels. This is a tip for maintaining the house construction budget.

Method 8: In Kerala, most of the people prefer using pavement tile up in the front to give their house a beautiful look, as it is the only function of the tile. In Fact these tiles are harmful for the environment and the groundwater level, as these tiles prevent water from seeping back into the earth, causing more heat to be generated. So if you don’t use these tiles, you will be able to save a lot as these tiles are very expensive.

Method 9: As you are trying to keep the construction budget under a limit, stop spending so much on bathroom and kitchen decoration. Keep it simple, and plan out the bathroom space accordingly to meet your requirements. While buying the taps, shower spray, and basis, you could opt for Kepha Constructions, as all of these are included in our construction plans, or could you buy them from any local shop.

Method 10: As of now, LED lights are the best. They brighten up the room, and don’t take up a lot of space. These are affordable and don’t have any maintenance cost. Installing LED lights will keep your room heat low, and you will be able to keep the budget under your limit.

Method 11: While painting your rooms, try excluding the darker colour if you want to stay under the budget, as the price of the darker colour is expensive. Try using light colours or just simply apply a white colour. It would brighten up your room and you save a hefty amount from your budget.

Method 12: There are plenty of Budget Home in Kottayam where you will see that the builders haven’t used sunshades all around the house. They have only placed the sunshade above the windows. By following this technique you will save a lot of expense from bricks, mortar, cement, and tiles.

Method 13: As you are trying to keep the construction under your budget, Kepha Construction workers suggest you to avoid using beams and pergolas, as they just only uplift the exterior look.

Everybody wants to live in their own house, that is why people with house dreams spend a pile of money to fulfill their dream. An investment in house construction is valuable. Low-cost house construction in Kerala is super valuable, especially in the Kochi area. Imagine waking up in your house, and you get to see a beautiful backwater view from your room.

Do you want to build a house in Kerala but couldn’t find a decent construction company? Do not worry, as Kepha Constructions will look after all your requirements while they construct your home. Kepha Construction is a civil construction company based in Alappuzha. We cover services on all facets of construction, starting from the estimation of the budget, planning the structure, architecture to the acquisition of materials, and executing the designs. Kepha Construction also provides services on interior designing, and renovation. If you are looking for a high standard construction company that provides value and utilizes only high quality projects, opt for Kepha Construction. We have a friendly payment schedule, where the customers will be informed about each stage of payment, and our strong delivery channel will help you to get your house construction products on time.


As you are trying to lower the house construction budget, you can just apply the above-mentioned methods to keep the budget under your control. You can check Kepha Construction packages, as we have only two packages. One is for the basic homes, the other one is for the standard homes. Check the value and the services offered by us. You can also contact us on (+91) 8848789538 or you could mail us on sales@kephaconstructions.com.

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