Build Homes In Kerala Considering The Flood Risk In Future

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Build Homes In Kerala Considering The Flood Risk In Future

We all know that we are living in a period of climate variations. We should not expect a future, where floods and droughts can be described as an occasional catastrophes. We really need to be aware of the consequences that we are going to face if any climate variations happen in the future. Care should be taken when constructing your dream home or building whatever it is. The flooding that happened in our state in the year of 2018 teaches us a lesson that water resistance is not only for homes and buildings in low-lying areas along rivers.

Save your home from disaster

 Due to the topography and scarcity of land in Kerala, even flood-prone areas are used to build houses. Kerala needs accurate weather forecasts and rescue measures as flood-resistant houses are not practically possible now. In the future, every building that is going to construct in Kerala should be planned according to the flood level of the year 2018. Building a house on the available plot is the only option for so many people in our small state. Therefore, some changes in our house plan designs are highly necessary for a sustainable home. Rather than focusing on flood-free areas, try to build a house that is less likely to be damaged by flood.

Choosing Precast concrete homes are the best and least expensive way to reduce the risk of disaster damage. precast concrete provides unbelievable protection from earthquakes, storms, cold, and rain. Building foundations need to be on good soil, which have better stability during both wet and dry seasons. Water-resistant construction materials are now available in the market. Construction materials that do not allow water to seep in should be selected and also proper service should be ensured.

Save your home from flood risks

The second option to reduce the risk of disaster damage is to keep the ground floor free. Construction needs to be on solid pillars. The lower area can be used for storage and parking.In many countries, there are houses that are raised over the body of water and it is more common in Europe. But people of Kerala cannot afford the cost of this type of construction idea.

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